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Future of WordPress

  • 26
  • Feb
  • 2018
Posted By Crystalinfosys

Future of WordPress

The year 2018 successfully marks the 15th anniversary of WordPress, from its early days in 2003 to all these years, WordPress has travelled a long journey to becoming the most popular CMS choice for online platforms, specifically for blog platforms. During the period, the WordPress CMS has progressed strikingly with a variety of WordPress themes, widgets, and more. Now there is an important question that arises in the head of every techno-enthusiast? What really is the future of WordPress? Will it still be able to retain its title as the most popular CMS in an upcoming era?

No wonder, every great empire has an ending, but that does not compulsorily mean it would be the same destiny for everything. If WordPress continues to grow in melody with time, the way it has been displayed with its WordPress templates, themes and plugins to present day, it can be logically expected that the future is really bright for our preferred CMS platform.

With so many people passionately devoting in WordPress and with so many WordPress believers, the highly spirited community of WP is constantly adapted to further enhance the favored CMS platform not only to meet but to surpass user expectations in upcoming years. Moreover, with the introduction of the many added features and plugins along with the revolutionary invention ‘Gutenberg editor’ and on the basis of the statistical report based in the past, There is no doubt that the future of WordPress is going to be brighter than ever.

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