IT Sector Struggles in Nepal

  • 26
  • Feb
  • 2018
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IT Sector Struggles in Nepal

Information technology (IT) has changed people’s lives. It has made it easier for us to be more competent. The far-reaching effect of IT in Nepal is not only limited to factory work, it has now extended to almost every aspect of life. A wide range of sectors, from banking to the hospitality industry, has now become entangled with information technology.

Despite various positive prospect of Information Technology (IT), there are countless struggles with this field. Nepal’s ongoing political instability and poor governance have diverted attention from the need to prioritize funding for the development of IT. Bureaucratic climate and Lack in formulation of action plans, and IT policies for the development of this sector is the prime struggle, which is in existence today. It is not that the government has been tying hand till the date. There are many examples of initiatives carried out in the past to enhance the IT field. Still, things are not going well, as it was meant to be.

Besides, there are many other struggles with technology transfer to Nepal like lack of a pool of scientists and researchers in certain areas, Small market size, Inability to make public investment in adequate research and infrastructure. The emigration of highly trained or qualified people often termed as “Brain-Drain” is the biggest struggle today.

2 comments on “IT Sector Struggles in Nepal

  1. Nice but I would say the main reason behind such struggle is poor governance because our government never focused in the field of IT.

    1. Yes that is correct, but we would say negligence the better word. Still we need to try from our end to make it better.

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